Common Ground

Common Ground was developed to bring people together outside of the Cornerstone Community Church property. This takes place one night a month for three months (scheduled) and each group has the option of extending this beyond three months. Prior to the February start date, a sign-up sheet is established with various nights offered as choices. There is also the option of joining either an adult group or a family group. The groups are then randomly assembled from this sign-up sheet so attendees have the opportunity to get to know new people. This event will take place at a rotating volunteer’s home for pot-luck food items and game time. Each group is assigned a leader who will coordinate food items and organized activities or games. This is a great time to get to know people outside of the church environment, and for long-time attendees and new attendees alike to get better acquainted with the Cornerstone church family!

 2024 Dates

February 2 or 3
March 1 or 2
April 5 or 6
May 3 or 4